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And the Super Bowl Ad Blitz Winners Are...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Posted by Vannie Shu, Account Coordinator, CPG West

The top five winners have been announced for YouTube's Ad Blitz, a contest where users vote on their favorite Super Bowl commercials.

"Free Doritos" won the top Ad Blitz prize. The Doritos spot won a Homepage Roadblock on YouTube, which receives around 25MM US impressions daily.

Coming in second was E*Trade's "Singing Baby," followed by, Pepsi Max's "I'm Good", and Doritos' "Power of the Crunch."

Many brands relied on Google Search and YouTube's Sponsored Videos to drive traffic and votes to their Super Bowl ads. Sponsored Videos is a great way for video content owners to surface their videos against search terms on YouTube. With over 20,000 search results for "super bowl commercials,"  finding your video could be like a looking for a needle in a haystack.

Although their methodologies differed, Ad Blitz and USA Today's Ad Meter shared both Doritos' "Free Doritos" and "Power of the Crunch" in their five most liked Super Bowl ads. YouTube's Ad Blitz tracked users' "thumbs up" votes beginning immediately after the Super Bowl through Wednesday, while USA Today's Ad Meter tracked second-by-second responses by a panel of viewers during the Super Bowl.