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Real Time Trends Show How Consumers Are Driven to Search After Exposure to Product Introductions on TV

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A review of the Google Hot Trends that took place on September 14th show the usual suspects..."US Open Mens Final 2009" was number 1..."Monday Night Football Schedule 2009" was number 2...and "Kayne and Taylor Swift Vdeo" was number 5 (looks like Kayne's behavior at the VMAs has driven Americans to search in masses, to comment and re-live the moment).

When scouring the list of hot trends for CPG type products, someone may notice "fiber wafers" at number 93.

Fiber wafers? That might seem like an odd search query; how many people could be motivated to search for something as specific and niche as fiber wafers in a high enough volume to hit #93 on the Hot Trends List?

Clicking on the word in the Google Hot Trends tool brings up some clues, via Related Searches: fiber biscuits, dr. oz tv show, dr oz, dr oz website, tv guide listings...

Search volume trends by the hour look like:

It looks like searches peaked at around 12 Noon on September 14 -- the same day as the season premiere of the Dr. Oz Show -- evidence that TV triggers consumers to search at the same time as watching TV or shortly thereafter. Even for CPG products!

Further, Dr. Oz's expertise -- he is an American cardiothoracic surgeon and author, with his own YouTube channel, who was a featured health expert on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for more than five seasons and 55 episodes -- seems to have influenced the public. He recommends taking a fiber wafer one hour before a fast food meal to curb an unhealthy appetite and aid in making healthier fast food choices.

Will fiber wafers now be part of the vocabulary of every American seeking healthier ways? Perhaps.

Only search will tell.

Posted by Jenny Liu, Industry Marketing Manager, CPG