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Cadbury Continues to Raise Eyebrows!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Once again a CPG company is raising the bar (and yes, eyebrows) with another video hit. Hopefully you've seen Cadbury Dairy Milk Eyebrow video.

Below is a graph from Google Trends showing search volume for both videos. (Gorilla in Red, Eyebrows in Blue) While Eyebrows has not yet reached the viral impact that the Cadbury Gorilla had in 2007,Eyebrows does have 5 Million views so far, and more and more parodies and remixes are showing up every week.

Gorilla continues to live on through remixes, as Cadbury slides over and lets the consumers steer the brand for a little while. Here are a few Gorilla remixes from fans featuring The Fray, Nirvana, Cameo's Word Up and Radiohead, as well as a remix with Total Eclipse of the Heart! and Wilson Phillips!

It's great to see CPG brands pushing fun and highly entertaining content, not to mention allowing the consumers to share their own creativity back with the world. Does it sell more chocolate? Staying top of mind and allowing others to build on to a super creative and entertaining video must have a positive branding effect.