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Food Trends to Watch for in ‘09

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Posted by Anastasiya Blyukher,  Proposal Coordinator, CPG Central

According to an article from MediaPost's Karl Greenberg, Market research firm Mintel says that 54% of people who dine out regularly are cutting back on this expense because of the economy.  Though consumers are trading restaurant booths for their dining room tables, they are by no means sacrificing on quality when it comes to what they eat.    Below are several of the trends that Mintel predicts will steer consumers’ palates in ’09:

  • Comfort food – In these difficult times, consumers are seeking comfort food – food that is braised, grilled, slow baked, or poached.
  • Cocktail Revival & Innovation – According to Mintel, we'll see a comeback in classic cocktails, plus some innovation with ingredients like ginger, cucumber, and chili pepper, paired with gin, tequila, pisco, and framboise.
  • Fresh Ingredients – This year, consumers will seek more organic and locally-grown foods.
  • Mediterranean Cuisine – Food from this region is a rising trend among Americans, and consumers will satisfy these tastes with more specific - and authentic - dishes.
  • Research of food's origins and prep – In 2009, consumers will increasingly take interest in the origins, health benefits, and preparation techniques of their food.
Less time in restaurants means more time in the kitchen, which means more time spent online searching for recipes.  Increasing visibility during these searches is sure to make your brand a main ingredient in home-cooked meals – and home-mixed cocktails – all year long.