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Digital Marketing in the Downturn

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As we have all witnessed the economy has been fluctuating in these uncertain times. Not only do we have to worry about our personal assets, but we need to think about our clients as well.

eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey, recently hosted a webinar, "7 Strategies for Surviving the Downturn". I think the 7 points he highlighted are helpful tips to keep in mind when we are thinking about our Marketing plans going into 2009.

1. Accountability- track how online effects offline
2. Keep doing search-all research companies have double digit gains for search in the coming year
3. Don't ignore the power of branding online (branding, display and sponsorships)
-only 30% of of chief marketers considered the offline impact of online advertising
4.Stay close to the customers
-A huge push on social media. Pick the right community for your target and add real value. Regular media messages aren't going to work.
-share the love by tapping into coveted influentials and create a community
- consumers #1 trust is word of mouth about a brand.
5. Engender Trust-trust is SO important for brands
6.Engage with online video
7. Test Test Test

As we ring in the new year, why not make our marketing dollars work harder and smarter and think about these strategies as we see what challenges await us in '09!

Posted by Amy Chauvin, CPG Account Planner