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Walk a mile in my old shoes

Friday, August 01, 2008

Rich Godwin
CPG Team Manager

We have quite a few former brand managers on the CPG team at Google. Kraft, Guinness, Unilever, Boston Beer, to name some of our former employees. It's only natural that we discuss old campaigns, brand launches, big successes, and not quiet successes!

Today iMedia Connections features an article by our National Industry Director, Kevin Kells titled What Digital Taught A Google Exec about Branding, perhaps it should have been titled "If only I could do that again!" What Brand Managers hasn't wished for a marketing mulligan or a "do over" time machine!

Kevin does a really nice job (hey, he's my boss) of pointing out how even his big successes could have been grander had he had a digital toolbox to work with back in his brand managing days. The story makes a solid case for how the pillars of marketing; Brand building, Storytelling, and Insights are strengthened with a digital playbook.

On Tuesday Aug 5th Kevin is speaking as a keynote presenter at ad:tech Chicago, the topic is Welcome to the Age of Performance Marketing. Hope you can catch Kevin in Chicago. If not let us know, we are always ready to discuss how digital can strengthen your CPG brand plan.