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Mentos geyser history

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Posted by: Nora Ziegenhagen, CPG Account Rep

People have performed many amazing feats in hopes of achieving a world record. Most Cockroaches Eaten may be the most disgusting, Most Books Typed Backwards may be the most pointless -- and Most Mentos and Soda Fountains just may be the most unexpectedly (and messily) beautiful.

Mentos and Eepybird are coming together again to make geyser history in Cincinnati on May 24, 2007. That's when Eepybird, with the help of about 500 Cincinnatians equipped with the new "Mentos Geyser Loading Tube," will launch the largest number of Mentos geysers ever to be set off all at once in one location -- in an effort to set a world record, of course. The extravaganza will take place on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati at 6pm EST.

This would have been a perfect event to take advantage of our geo-targeting technology to lure young Mentos lovers from the greater Cincinnati area. But even without that, it will most definitely make an awesome click-to-play video campaign to drive traffic to their site.

You may recall that we blogged about this a while ago: it's very cool to see Mentos run with a fun idea that caught fire and turn it into something much bigger. Clearly there is still a lot of momentum around Mentos + soda -- once an experiment, now a bona fide event.