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YouTube Super Bowl Commercial Wrap Up

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sometimes even the Super Bowl hype doesn’t cut through the clutter. On Saturday my son, his buddy, and I headed out to the park to kick the soccer ball around. The conversation between the 10-year-olds turned to the Big Game, with my son asking his friend who he wanted to win. “Colts -- Bears suck” was the answer. (It’s also the reason we limit our son’s exposure to this boy, but that’s another story).

The next quick question from the friend was “When is the Super Bowl, anyway?”


All these kids do is eat, think, and speak sports, and this one doesn’t know when the holiest of flat panel holidays is? It's semi-understandable, given the two weeks the NFL provides to make sure we know way way way too much about Good Rex v. Bad Rex and all else. FYI, 7 QBs have started the Super Bowl with passer ratings worse than Mr. Grossman and still won. That's a little nugget from the front page of the New York Times (free registration required).

But still, if my son's friend doesn’t know when it is, there is a chance that you haven't yet heard about the YouTube Super Bowl Commercials Wrap Up It has nothing to do with the game and everything to do with the spots that will appear in all their glory, interrupted by the game every now and then.

We are hosting every single commercial appearing in the Super Bowl on YouTube. You can watch them, share them, and coolest of all, you can rate them. So everyone can help choose the best spots, and they'll be available on YouTube right after the game. We’ll be linking to the Super Bowl Wrap Up from the front page of Google. Marketers are going to get a huge audience spending more time with their shiny new creative, and the viewers can watch as often as they'd like.

Be sure to check it out. Oh, and the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. Kickoff is at 6:30 pm EST.