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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Right on the heels of the upcoming holiday hustle and bustle is Super Bowl XLI. For many diehard pigskin fans, in fact, this may be a bigger event than Christmas! And even for non-footballers, we all know and love those much-anticipated Super Bowl commercials that cost advertisers a pretty penny. Some years, the ads are more entertaining than the game itself. They can also be extremely powerful in driving online buzz, searches, and site visits. According to eMarketerer, here are the top advertisers by website visits via for the 2006 game:

Interesting that more than half of these sites belong to CPG advertisers. Some used paid search to help drive site visits -- especially important for new product launches and initiatives (like Ford's Escape Hybrid or Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty) and for driving users to a specific landing page or microsite (like Burger King's There are tons of searches that take place during and after the Super Bowl around the ads. People want to be able to watch them again, learn about the products, share the spots with friends, and find out more about what was behind the campaign.

We saw some missed opportunities last year where advertisers didn't run search campaigns around their own Super Bowl ads, but their competitors did -- buying up relevant keywords and taking advantage of the online buzz. Don't forget that on the coffee table, along with the pizza, beer, and chips, there sits the laptop. Be sure to maximize the impact of your television ads, especially during the Super Bowl, with an online campaign. The more cheeky, innovative, or intriguing your ad is, the more powerful the online response -- and the more reason to be there. Let us know if we can help.