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Having Your Kate...and Cameron Too

Friday, December 01, 2006

We blog as often as we can, dear readers, to keep you informed and answer your questions -- and many of our clients and CPG friends are asking us for updates on YouTube.

CBS announced this week that running clips and shows on YouTube is actually increasing TV audience for its shows. This news is likely a surprise to some people, as many predicted YouTube and its ilk would take viewership away from TV, not add to it. But CBS seems to be proving that theory wrong by getting huge online interest with clips like Kate Winslet talking about Cameron Diaz with David Letterman, a scene from CSI, and SportsLine's Power Performances for the week. In fact, in just one month CBS has had more than 29 million videos viewed on YouTube, and 3 of the top 25 videos on YT were from CBS. Plus CBS is driving viewership to these shows! Perfect.

BBC, Mediaweek and many other news stories dig deeper into this news. Our takeaway from all this for CPG is that if you have video assets -- TV spots, educational or instructional video -- consider posting it on YouTube. There is an audience waiting to watch. It won't necessarily be as big as CBS', but it will be an audience eager to spend time with your brands.