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Five Truths of the Digital African American Consumer

Monday, November 28, 2011

If African American consumers aren't a part of your brand's digital strategy, they should be. African Americans are one of the most engaged, influential, and responsive online audience segments.

Last month, Google and GlobalHue teamed up with OTX to understand what role search and other digital advertising technologies play in African Americans' purchasing decisions. The team, which included Google CPG's own Jason Crain, uncovered five key truths that every CPG marketer needs to consider:
  1. African Americans are early adopters, and are more likely to watch video online and to access online content via smartphones and other alternative platforms.
  2. Digital technologies provide an important “microphone” to African American consumers, who are significantly more likely to use Twitter and to recommend online brands and products to acquaintances.
  3. They are avid searchers, more likely to use search daily, and to click through on search ads.
  4. This audience is nearly 50% more likely than others to begin their “path to purchase” with search.
  5. African American consumers are substantially more responsive than the general population to digital video ads and smartphone ads.
Here's a cool infographic with even more study findings:

In addition to the graphic, the team also put together a 43-slide deck that you can steal from with pride for use in your own presentations.

For more thoughts on the research, check out the excellent coverage in AdWeek.