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Heineken Cross Media Study Proves That Search Effectively Builds Brands

Monday, November 02, 2009

Posted by Jenny Liu, Industry Marketing Manager for CPG

Google search advertising is widely used as a tool for driving direct response, but it is not as widely recognized as a branding tool. In a recent study Metrixlab, Google Netherlands, Heineken and their agency Twist came together in a collaborative effort to measure the brand effect of Search, compare the effectiveness and efficiency of Search against other media, and to look at the interaction of Search with those media.

The study measured the impact of Heineken's "Jouw Heineken" campaign, where it led consumers to this site: to custom design Heineken bottles for purchase. This campaign was supported with TV, online display, YouTube and search.

The study findings showed:

  • A Search impression alone creates 23% more brand preference for Heineken than the whole Heineken campaign without search. A search click creates 69% more brand preference.
  • The fact that search was able to affect a brand metric like brand preference shows the ability for search to move consumers further into the purchase funnel, beyond just awareness.

Further, the study showed:
  • The addition of Search to TV increased overall brand effect by 1.5 times, illustrating the synergistic effects of Search and TV.
  • Search proved to be 53% more cost efficient than TV in creating Top of Mind Awareness.
  • The eye-tracking heat map portion of the study concluded that the 1st search result on the left side captures and retains the most attention.
  • Frequency testing showed that three impression contacts were 39% better than one at moving brand preference.

Play this case study video below to learn all the details and to hear testimonials from Heineken and Twist: