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Branding Study Shows Strong Positive Correlation Between POPTUB Site Visitation and Pepsi Brand Favorability

Monday, October 12, 2009

Posted by Jenny Liu, Industry Marketing Manager, CPG

As referenced in an October 2008 TechNews article, Google and YouTube launched an entertainment-focused original video series called POPTUB back in the fall of 2008. The series, which was produced by NY-based Embassy Row, was an "Entertainment Tonight for the YouTube generation" and featured host Maria Sansone, promotional interviews and a premium Pepsi sponsorship. Segments often included pop culture coverage of YouTube homegrown personalities and the branded channel, lived on YouTube at

The series wrapped up August 2009, and had garnered over 3.2million channel views and over 45,800 subscribers. YouTube and Pepsi wanted to better understand the branding impact that POPTUB had over their target demographic and cola drinkers. A branding study was commissioned with research vendor Dynamic Logic to get at this question.

The results of the branding study showed that:

medium to heavy visitors were statistically more likely to be more aware and favorable of POPTUB, as well as of the overall Pepsi brand. 48% of medium to heavy visitors of the POPTUB channel had a more favorable opinion of Pepsi as a result of knowing that they were the sponsor of POPTUB.

When asked why that is, one female respondent to the branding study, age 20 said, "[It] makes them seem more current." One male daily visitor, age 18 says, "If POPTUB is a sort of representation of Pepsi, Pepsi is represented well."

When asked the main reason why POPTUB-ers visit the channel, 50% selected because "videos are entertaining" and 39% said it was because they loved the host (Maria Sansone). 28% reported that it was unique content that could not be found anywhere else and 23% said they like to stay current with pop culture.

When asked open endedly, what's your favorite thing about the POPTUB channel, one 19 year old male, who visits daily, exclaims, "I love discovering videos that are funny, Poptub is like Local News to me." Another visitor, male age 22 who visits several times a week summed it up with "Quick access to funny videos". Another daily male visitor, age 29, shares "I like watching the lovely hostess introducing new or somewhat new videos I have not yet seen. In one word refreshing."

This study proved that a branded media site can effectively
move a number of branding metrics for a brand. Further, the more a brand is able to drive visitors to the site, the more likely they are able to convert the visitors to become brand advocates.