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4 Best Practices for Consumer Packaged Good Marketers Targeting U.S. Hispanics Online

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trend data from one of Google's Internal tools shows how search impressions on Hispanic consumer packaged good related keywords have been on the rise. 

US Hispanics Search 

The above trend lines are a reflection of the consumer search behavior behind US Hispanics, a demographic that is highly attractive to many advertisers due to their expected growth and predicted purchasing power. 

Often, marketers find it challenging to develop media campaigns because they are unsure as to whether or not their targets are bi-lingual or Spanish speaking, and whether they search in English, Spanish or both.  We have seen multiple research studies that suggest different preferences, and we think that factors such as the consumer's age, gender, and acculturation play int the  overall preference.  As such, our first best practice for marketers who are trying to target US Hispanics is:

1.  Create search campaigns that include keywords buys and ad copy in both English and
 Spanish - After an initial test period, optimize and see which words and ads are working best.  It is much easier to start broadly and then prune away what doesn't work, and it is far too risky to leave out an entire audience.

Recently, Scarborough Research's "The Power of the Hispanic Consumer Online " report identified 13 local markets with an above-average concentration of Hispanic adults and examined their internet patterns. They noted that in Phoenix, AZ, Hispanic internet access has grown 43% since 2004, the highest of any Hispanic market.  On the flip-side, Hispanic Internet access grew only 4% in San Francisco.  CPG marketers looking to make a large impact with product launches in specific markets should implement best practice number two: 

2.  Geo-Target your search campaigns - heavy up in the strategic DMAs to help drive traffic into stores that matter.

Scarborough's Research has also found that Hispanics are more likely than other cellular users to utilize many cellular features, including internet access and email.  Hispanics are highly dependent on their cell phones to stay closely connected with family, friends and the latest trends.  Quite easily, CPG marketers can ensure their ads reach Hispanics when they are on the move with best practice three:

3.  Extend your search campaigns to Mobile Search

Finally, if a consumer is already searching in Spanish and is compelled to click on a Spanish search ad, chances are that the consumer has an expectation to land on a Spanish section of a brand's website.  Whenever possible, CPG marketers should remember:

4.  Ensure click through to an appropriate landing page - start and end a transaction in the same language to maintain a positive experience for the user.

We hope the best practices
presented above can help jump start your U.S. Hispanic campaigns.  Keep in mind that the interactive marketplace for this audience is still nascent.  Brands that are first-movers within this space could lay the groundwork for creating greater opportunities for lifetime brand loyalty.

Posted by Jenny Liu, Industry Marketing Manager, CPG