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The Perfect Egg

Monday, April 16, 2007

Call it a slow news day or post-Easter chocolate detox...either way we, the Google CPG team, LOVE Cadbury Eggs. So, we find this clip on YouTube from Conan O'Brien to be funny and somehow relatable - perhaps it hits a little close to home in revealing one guy's idiosyncratic tendencies.

And I thought I was alone in stashing Cadbury Eggs for the coming months, pulling out my little blue bags of chocolate gold in times of need, hunger, or just when I felt deserving of a treat. The weird thing is I'm not that way around other holidays. I don't hoard Halloween or Christmas treats. Valentine's Day candy does nothing for me. But, those mini eggs are something I eagerly anticipate every year. I know they hit the stores in time for Valentines Day and will be gone before Easter Sunday. As I said, after viewing the Conan clip on YouTube, I now know that I'm not alone. Take a look at just some of the Egg lovers here on the Cadbury Egg Goo-off contest.

Cadbury and Hershey's (Hershey's holds a license to make Cadbury chocolate for the US) face an interesting dilemma. Certainly the demand is there for these seasonal Eggs to be available year round. But do they lose their unique marketing appeal and cachet by going year round? Hard as it is for me to say, these things mean spring and Easter as much to me as daffodils, daylight savings and the start of Little League. Keep it seasonal, Cadbury Eggs, I count the days until you return.