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Looking ahead to 2007

Monday, November 06, 2006

About 10 days ago, the three Google CPG teams in New York, Mountain View, and Chicago met in Chi-Town to plan for the upcoming year and discuss how we can best support CPG marketing. The big hitter for us in 2007 will be video. This medium has exploded in the online space over the past year, and we want to help CPG marketers take advantage of this compelling technology to engage consumers and meet their marketing goals. For a little perspective, in July 2006, 3 out of every 5 Internet users viewed video online -- and 100+ million people streamed or downloaded nearly 7.2 billion video clips (Source: comScore MediaMetrix.) Some of us also attended the annual Pet Food Institute show in Chicago. We plan to participate in more CPG-focused trade events going forward, and we learned a lot at this one. And it was great to meet all the PFI folks.

All work and no play would make us pretty dull, so our time in Chicago ended with an intense series of WhirlyBall matches. For those of you not familiar with WhirlyBall (most of us had never heard of it before last week), think wiffleball + lacrosse. In bumper cars.